• Syringes , Drenchers

    Manual Syringes, Transparent, and Economy.
    Drechers Manual and Automatic Metal Body and Pastic Body.Multidose Gun Syringes in Plastic Box.

    • Syringes 10 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml
    • Drenchers 20 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml,
  • Dairy Equipments

    There are may equipments we manufacture. such as, milking bucket, feeding box, plastic and steel, teat dilator, teat cathetor, etc.

  • Ear Tagging

    • We have different kinds of ear tags, for cattles, plastic, metal, tag, both are available in two categories printed and un printed.
  • Veterinary Equipments

    Dehorners, electric and non electric.Bolus Guns, Cstrations Equipments, Hoof and claw equipments.

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Welcome To Surgipharma.

What We Do

The Surgipharma Manufacturers / Exporters of Veterinary / Surgical Instruments World wide. We are taking the opportunity to introduce as an leading organization in the field of manufacturing Veterinary / Surgical Instruments having tendency to meat all the latest Challenges. In accordance to produce such a quality standard equipments which should be quality symbol all over the World. Surgipharma have a strict quality control system working in such a way that even a single component is tested again and again untill its satisfies in all respects of quality standards.

Our research and development phase is not only producing the latest equipments but also giving full backup support to our prestigious customers with sharing their experience.We Belive on the long terms relation with our customers.Thanking you for your kind attention and visting to our web site.